I was your student in the two studio classes you taught during the summer of 2005 at Parsons Summer Intensive Studies. I still recall the many field trips where you took us to the MET, Central Park and Seaport where we sketch from life. The pieces I completed in your class that summer helped me tremendously when I submitted my AP Fine Art Portfolio in high school and received a full score. The majority of pieces I submitted for my concentration AP portfolio on Architecture was from the studio class assignments. I am now a senior in college at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign completing my bachelor’s degree in Product Design.



I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write to you and thank you for such an amazing experience at Parsons. You made me realize how much I can really improve if I truly work at it and have motivated me to continue doing art. A couple weeks after I came home I did a weekend workshop doing oil painting and it was so much fun – however, I have to say your instructing seemed superior. I always knew I was interested in art, but after learning so much and making advances you have helped me to reassure myself that this is want I want to do. Thus, I am going to be applying to several art schools for college and I could not be more excited! Parsons is included in the list and is by far my first choice! I believe I will be having an interview with them in November – I would be thrilled if I could see you/say hi. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much and I hope that you’re enjoying being back in the studio producing some more inspiring works of art!

A past student.


Dear Gavin,
Happy Birthday! Stay tuned and multi-talented as you are plus whatever
accomplishments are left in the artistic or music scene. You were always
a great example of being passionable of what you are doing, and a source
of inspiration for sleep-depraved students. One of the greatest teachers
I’ve ever had, and just a cool guy.
It’s a shame that i couldn’t attend any of your recent concerts as i was
busy finishing the school and then going to the illustration academy in
Florida for seven weeks program. Would love to go to your concert
in the august or early fall and bring some crowd – we have another loyal
fan of yours who is Jeremy from our painting class, which clearly was
very productive time and growing experience for me.
Wish you and your family all the best,


Hi Gavin,

I had my first life drawing class at Mass Art yesterday and it made me think of you. I felt like I was light years ahead of everyone in the class, which I owe to you. Everyone else was drawing these floating, one kind of line figures. The teacher was surprised by how fast I worked and variety of lines that I used. It made me realized again how extremely lucky I am to have had you as my teacher this summer. I’m surprised by how different my work is, all the time, and I know it would not be like that if you hadn’t been my teacher. So thank you for everything.

~ Lydia E.



Wanted to email you for a number of reasons! Firstly, I wanted to thank you for one of the best experiences of my life. I really learnt alot from you this summer. I feel my ability to draw has really improved, my art teacher here thinks so too! My work has become alot less controlled and very expressive and I really have your teaching to thank for that! so thank you soooo much!!

– A past student.


Gavin, i just wanted to say thanks cuz even tho its been years since ive been in your class, your lessons still carry on. some things i didnt quite get back then are just poppin up in my head now and making perfect sense. your energy n spirit have been, and will continue to be a major influence in my life. thanks for everything


Hey Gavin!

This is Sophia from your Fall 07 semester! Hope all is well, your summer and your family. Are you going to be teaching at school this year? I got my hands on James Lord’s Giacometti Portrait and i LOVED it. I felt so inspired every time I closed the book. I was wondering if you would recommend some other books that fall into the same fictional/novel-like style of writing. Let me know!

I also attached a few pictures of my current paintings that I’ve been working on over summer. I can actually say I can paint with oils now. I’m pretty surprised how quickly I was able to pick up the medium. I started out not knowing anything about painting in your class and I wanted to show you how I’ve progressed, and to say

Thanks Gavin! =)

I just finished writing apps…reading summer books… and making slides…..and all these things reminded me of Parsons and you.:)  (it is so random……..)Somehow, summer at Parsons seems so long ago. But I just wanted to say that (may be because I wasnt able to go to the last class….) thank you to you-. I used lots of techniques that i learned from you even after I came back to Korea. And it was really really great that I could experience ‘parsons’ with such a good people in the class! AND  I HAD  SO MUCH FUN!! 😀  I would never experience the same things that I did in Parsons.

I wish I went to the last class and said good-bye to everyone…!
well, I hope everything goes well with you!  please let me know how was
your summer and how you have been! 🙂


hey Gavin,
I hope the rest of your summer is going well! I hope you are well i miss our class so much.


Emilee had the absolute BEST experience this summer and we couldn’t be happier that we chose Parsons for her.  It will be fun to see where she ends up going to college and what career path she will choose.  Thank you for being such a positive influence on her.  She speaks very highly of you!!!


Gavin, as Beau looks forward to starting at SCAD in the next two weeks I wanted to thank you again for all you have done for him.  We would not be in this situation without your very helpful advice and teaching.  Beau is in a new place emotionally, after a very soul searching year.  I know your mentoring helped him through a lot of big decisions.  I would very much like to express my appreciation to you, and to re-extend my invitation for you to come to Rhinecliff anytime to use our lawn as a painting spot. The view of the river is spectacular.  It would make a great fall trip for your family.  But please come anytime.

Warmest regards,

Kitty Pilgrim

Anchor / Correspondent


I was having lunch  today and was seated in front of your
painting of a flower and was very distracted (in a good way) by it. I
fell in love with it–and am emailing you to ask about the price.