Realism or Impressionism? Ism?

Posted on October 26, 2013



It occurs to me that photo realism is based solely on technique, and finds little delineation between being commercially oriented, and a purpose saturated in impressing. I have achieved realism in my work, through drawing and playing with tones – but never tried to achieve a hyper sense of space on canvas – primarily due to my interest in photography. I feel photographs are invaluable tools for composition – but replication should be interpreted in a sentient way, in my opinion.

I have seen few realistic painters who can deliver a sense of ethereal – though they exist. I am not sure why I paint with the colors I do – it is part automated, as my approach is steeped in abstract expressionism and the Barbizon school of art. It’s a strange mix, and I find myself drawing closer to artists of a more realistic merit – though not yet fully engaged with the technical fine line of depicting values on that level.

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