Painting all the time

Posted on May 6, 2015

I’ve been working hard – got a nice gallery upstate, found my voice as a painter – daily. I am getting somewhere – and my single minded approach to getting back to painting landscapes, have kept me out of trouble.

I am of an avant-garde ideal¬† — though I paint very placid paintings of places (somewhat) untouched by man. I have no need to paint like Chuck Close or De Kooning, though I feel they are my brothers. I can’t explain why I keep on with painting these landscapes, but will try.

I paint the scenes I come into contact with. I do not make up my environs, nor do I try to place myself within the context of the painting. I am using the paint, to create an alternate version of this reality, based on vision, and love. I love the places I paint. I find them worthy of pushing my intellect, subtracting judgment and creating through action.



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