Catskill Stream – in progress

Posted on March 2, 2015

I started  this 18″/24″ oil on Masonite (triple gessoed, sanded). I began with a mix of umber and blue – in this case cobalt and a red raw umber. I block it in – not caring as much about color as line and direction, composition.

After this initial rough blocked in sketch / I start to add color and some sort of theory to the palette I’m using – which key is warmer and which is cooler.. I don’t care much about detail at this point..

I want this to have very subtle light within the snow so -I form my relationships based on this high key.’ My darkest  darks are under the ice and the trees – lighted mass is the sky and the water is dark all. It some reflections of the snow and sky which are ver light – but tinted with an umber or mars Orange.

Refining and blocking in color, redrawing and analyzing the gamut of color and value..

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