Posted on February 27, 2015

Hard to know when to stop – I don’t want to! I enjoy painting when I get into the flow – or find some joy in it when I push on. Sometimes I’ll overwork it, beat myself up as If I don’t know how to paint. I am clear on what I do but still have moments of doubt – I attribute it to not drinking enough to water, not eating, I try to keep up with my needs throughout the day – but day three on a painting can go terribly wrong if you get angry, or think the painting looked better in an earlier stage.
I saved this one but it was close to destruction. I still need to do some work around the mouth and temple area / but I think it’s coming along.

I don’t consider portraiture something to get right- or create a formula to impress. Sure I want good images, I want to put integrity into the work – but don’t find much reason to fret over a self portrait. I live to paint and find painting my portrait beneficial to crating decent landscapes.



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